Beaudesert Park School

| Day & Boarding | 3-13yrs

Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep
Founded: 1908
Entrance Procedure:
Beaudesert is non-selective and there are no tests or exams to take. Please simply email or call the School Office to arrange a time for you to come and take tour as well as meet with our Headmaster Chris Searson.

However, if you would like to register your child straight away, please go to the Admissions page on our website to complete an Application for Admission form, then send it to our Registration Secretary together with your fee of £50.00. Thereafter, we will be in touch the autumn before your child is due to join us, requesting a refundable deposit of £1,000 and completion of the Entry Form. There will be no refundable deposit payable for entry to the Nursery.

All children are then invited to come and spend a half or full day with us prior to starting in September. Although most children start at the beginning of the school year in September, some start at different times, and so we cater for each family individually.
Fees per term:
Nursery - from £2,000 per term
Reception - £3,200 per term
Years 1 and 2 - £3,300 per term
Year 3 - £4,400 per term
Year 4 - £5,200 per term
Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 - £6,100 per term
Weekly boarders in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 - £7,772 per term
Flexi-boarding (from Year 4 and above, and for between 1 and 4 nights per week) - £38 per night
School Visits: We have whole school Open Mornings every March and October, or prospective parents may call or email the School Office to arrange to come on a different day to suit. Or both! Both Open Mornings and one-to-one visits take in meeting Headmaster Chris Searson, and taking a tour of the school in action. Please contact the School Office on 01453 832 072 or email

Head's Up

At Beaudesert, we absolutely believe in preserving the joys of childhood, offering the security, care and confidence for every child to grow and flourish with boundless excitement and limitless ambition in all that they do.

Inside Scoop from a current parent

We fell in love with Beaudesert from the moment we parked on the common and had to negotiate our way through a group of cows to get in the gate. Its position on the edge of Minchinhampton Common is really special and the school grounds and overall sense of space are definitely one of its highlights. This is a country school with trees to climb, hills to roll down and mud to get stuck into. And the kids are all encouraged to get involved in everything and they genuinely love it, as do we.

We wanted a school where children could be children for as long as possible, and the staff do encourage a fun and adventurous attitude. Chris and Harriet Searson have built on and bolstered the school's traditional prep school values but things are also evolving and both the school day and academic process have been under the spotlight, with positive tweaks - daily reading time, a wider breadth of activities, alternate weekend Saturday school with higher-learning talks replacing lessons. The staff are also passionate Beaudesertians and you do feel this rubs off on both the pupils and parents.

Sport is definitely big but so is drama, music and the arts, and the range of facilities and opportunities on offer are fantastic. Our children are emerging as engaged and confident individuals who appreciate their surroundings and love their school.

As Parents, We Love...

  • The children genuinely love going to school. I don't remember actually being excited to go back to school at the end of the holidays but the children are.
  • I feel like the children are being nurtured but at the same time propelled forward.
  • The people. The staff and the parents, it feels like we're in it together.

Our Children Love...

  • The grounds - every time we ask the children why they love Beaudesert the grounds and facilities always come out top, along with Forest School for the Pre-Prep.
  • The people - both staff and pupils.
  • The boarding house - boarding is like one big sleep over so the children love it and are ready for the next step up when they leave.

School Highlights

Beaudesert is a country prep where children thrive on a diet of inspiring teaching, plenty of time well spent outdoors, and heaps of music, arts and sport. Standout pastoral care, fantastic facilities and seriously fun flexi-boarding options also play their part in keeping this Cotswold prep top of many a parent's wish list.

What do the parents say?
Parents speak of great teachers, knockout facilities and a happy, confidence-building school. With 435 pupils (all of them living within 20 miles of the school), Beaudesert is small enough to have a nurturing family feel, but big enough to have space aplenty and fantastic facilities (think three science labs, a theatre-spec performing arts centre, 15 acres of sports grounds, two swimming pools, two Forest Schools and more).

A balanced approach to academic success
Beaudesert might be non-selective, and is certainly no hot house, but academic results are impressive. Overall though, the focus is on every child thoroughly enjoying a truly ‘all-round’ education which includes heaps of opportunities to experiment and excel in the arts, sport and beyond. When it comes to moving on to senior school, Beaudesert’s approach has always been to ensure they have very positive, current working relationships in place with a wide range of senior schools. Then, as the children near senior school age, the school work with them and their parents to pinpoint and target the schools where they are likely to be happiest and to thrive. Last year the school’s leavers moved on to more than 20 different schools with more than 20 awards and scholarships between them.

Fresh air, flexi-boarding and clubs
Mobile phones are banned, and break sessions are more likely spent outside making dens and climbing trees. There are 30+ extra-curricular activities on offer from skateboarding to pottery, and once the children reach Year 4, many of them jump at the chance to stay overnight in the cosy boarding rooms for one or more nights a week. No wonder when you hear about the night-time nature walks, Scottish reeling, bake-off sessions, outdoor pool dips and hot chocolate-fuelled movie nights! Weekly boarding is also an option.

Contact Us

Minchinhampton, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 9AF
01453 832072

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