Cheam School

| Day & Boarding | 3-13yrs

Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep
Founded: 1645
Entrance Procedure:
Please contact the school registrar, Amanda Arkwright, to register your child for either entry to the Pre-Prep or Prep School. Once your child is registered with us we arrange for Prep School age children to attend a familiarisation day during the school term. Your child will join in with lessons and games with their cohort which will give them a good chance to experience the Cheam day. Places are offered by the Headmaster a year in advance of the proposed registered date and a confirmation fee of £1,500 is charged to confirm the place.

The Pre-Prep holds a "Move-Up" morning in July before the school breaks up for the Summer holidays when all children join their new class and form teacher.
Fees per term:
Day: £6,920
Boarding £9,535
School Visits: Please contact to book a tour of the Prep School and Pre-Prep and to meet the Headmaster, Martin Harris.

Head's Up

Cheam is a very special community where there is a unique energy and excitement that permeates through the buildings, children and the staff! The years at Pre-prep and Prep school are special and at Cheam we prepare our children not only for the next stage but for life beyond.

Martin Harris

Inside Scoop from a current parent

Having considered various schools in Hampshire and Berkshire, we decided upon Cheam after strong recommendations from existing parents, as well as recommendations from parents of children at other schools. We were bowled over by the school's infrastructure and excellent facilities - in sport, drama, DT and music - as well as Cheam’s position in expansive and attractive countryside. We were also impressed by the atmosphere in the corridors, it is incredibly energetic. This is a ‘happy’ school with strong academic and sporting results, great emphasis on conduct, teamwork, and good citizenship/community strength as well as outstanding music and drama, plus so many other extra-curricular opportunities. Cheam produces well-natured, confident children. By the time they leave the confines of the school at the end of Year 8, the children are well prepared and excited to capitalise on the opportunities available at their future public schools, having had such a full and busy experience at Cheam. With regards to public schools, Cheam's Headmaster, Mr Harris, has excellent relationships with the top senior schools and is academically ambitious for Cheam pupils - encouraging them to aim high. We feel that Cheam has set our children up for life.

As Parents, We Love...

  • Cheam encourages the children to aim high, to try everything on offer - sports, drama, music, DT, boarding etc. - to work hard and to have fun. The corridors are buzzing with happy, smiling faces.
  • The teachers, under the leadership of Mr Harris, ensure Cheam is the success that it is. The staff room is totally committed to each and every child, with all staff embracing Cheam's extensive extra-curricular programme.
  • The beautiful grounds the school resides in. These are very lucky children with over 90 acres to play in.

Our Children Love...

  • The space to play - be it Cheam Tops, in the woods, on the pitches, or just hanging out in the school grounds.
  • The opportunity to "have a go." Whatever their talents, every child is encouraged to play team sports, to act, to sing, try an instrument, join a club etc
  • Making friends. The atmosphere at Cheam is always fun.

School Highlights

You will read many differing ideas from so called experts on what the society of the future will be like. The truth is no one knows! However, what I can guarantee is that an education that prepares a child intellectually and emotionally for anything, that teaches the value of living and working collaboratively and enables your child to look forward with confidence and backwards with pride is both timeless and priceless.

Cheam is a very special community where there is a unique energy and excitement that permeates through the buildings, children and the staff! Cheam enjoys a close relationship with many of the top independent schools in England. We pride ourself on selecting the best senior school for the children in our care and then helping parents through the application, pre-test and successful transfer at the age of thirteen, winning plenty of scholarships and helping children to achieve outstanding exam results along the way.

However, prep school should never be seen merely as a stepping stone onto the next stage. The years at Pre-prep and Prep school are special and should be savoured by children and their parents. Although work is paramount, Cheam encourages and helps children to experience a broad range of extras away from the classroom. Standards achieved, in both team and individual sports, are high and all standards and abilities are involved. The school runs many teams and offers opportunities in a diverse number of activities. The standard of music and drama is exceptionally high and once again offers opportunities for all.

However, it is the experiences that are less easily measured or recorded that will mark a child’s time at Cheam as extra special. The friendships that are forged within a supportive community and the valuable time that children spend together playing happily during their free time will stay with each of them for a lifetime.

It is virtually impossible to condense all that the children at Cheam experience from day to day into one place. Do come and visit the school; you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Martin Harris, Headmaster

Contact Us

Headley, Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 8LD
01635 267822

Useful Dates

Term dates:
Autumn Term: 4th September - 11th December 2019
Spring Term: 8th January - 25th March 2020
Summer Term: 22nd April - 4th July 2020

Open days:
Please contact the school directly