Woodbridge School

| Day & Boarding | 4-18yrs

Type: Pre-Prep, Prep, Senior
Founded: 1662
Entrance Procedure:

There are entrance examinations for Senior School (11+) prospective pupils. We hold assessment days for our prep and pre-prep prospective pupils.

Fees per term:
Queen’s House: Reception: £3,247 per term
Years 1-2: £3,463 per term
The Abbey: Years 3-4: £3,950 per term
Years 5-6: £4,491 per term
Senior School: Years 7-8 Day: £5,082 per term
Years 9-13 Day: £5,500 per term
Boarding: £10,295 per term
School Visits: To book a school visit contact admissions@woodbridgeschool.org.uk or visit www.woodbridgeschool.org.uk

Head's Up

“Above all else, Woodbridge School is an exceptionally happy place. When you visit, you will be struck by the warmth and sense of community. Our school is not only a kind and nuturing place, we prepare pupils with the skills and attributes that will enable them to thrive. Academic achievement is just one part of the outstanding educational experience.”

Dr Richard Robson

Inside Scoop from a current parent

We chose Woodbridge School on our return from living overseas as we liked the idea of the children staying at one school for their education but the different sites meant it would not feel like they had spent too long in one place. It was like separate schools but without losing friendships and continuity.

My children are mature, self reliant and have the ability to think laterally. They are confident but not arrogant. They can engage adults in conversation when they meet new people. They know the importance of looking smart when it is required of them.

Other local schools are known for their academic pressures. Woodbridge School is good for the academic children but also for the ones for whom academic studies may not be their strong point. My daughter has received learning support since Year 2. I believe that in a larger school she would have been overlooked. Instead, she has excelled in the areas that come easier to her while still achieving good GCSE results.

As Parents, We Love...

  • Learning support
  • Friendly and encouraging teachers
  • The Art department

Our Children Love...

  • My friends
  • My subjects
  • My teachers

School Highlights

We provide an exceptional, wide range of extra-curricular activities to help pupils find and develop their talents. We want pupils to love school, be in their element, and know their self-worth.

We believe that extra-curricular activities are central to the all-round development of our pupils. We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for pupils to experience a wide range of activities that will enrich their lives in and out of school.

We aim for all pupils to develop the essential skills, attributes and mind-set that will enable them to pursue their aspirations and ambitions beyond Woodbridge.

Contact Us

Burkitt Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4JH
01394 615041

Useful Dates

Term dates:
Autumn Term: 4th September – 18th December 2019
Spring Term: 6th January – 27th March 2020
Summer Term: 21st April – 3rd July 2020

Open days:
Senior School Open Day